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Zhengqi Holdings, JC, Better Education, Shanghai Neuromedical Center, Hankou Bank, Hyundai Insurance, Bybo Dental, Raycom Property and Raycom Technology.

  • Zhengqi Holdings

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    Zhengqi Holdings Corporation (hereinafter referred to as "Zhengqi Holdings") is an innovative investment holding group focusing on innovative hi-tech enterprises.

  • JC

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    JC Leasing a professional company specializing in financial leasing and related businesses among the member companies of Legend Holdings. Enabled with a team of highly professional senior management and workforce, JC Leasing devotes to build itself the new boutique of the Leasing Industry in China with professional management and professional services.

  • Better Education

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    Founded in 2002, Better Education has been deeply involved in early childhood education with the heart of whole-person education for many years and is committed to providing the best quality preschool education services.

  • Shanghai Neuromedical Center

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    Founded in 2013, Shanghai Neuromedical Center is a specialized hospital built according to the standards of tertiary specialized hospitals, with a strong specialty of clinical neuroscience and comprehensive hospital features.

  • Hankou Bank

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    Founded in December 1997 and headquartered in Wuhan, Hankou Bank is an urban commercial bank with 189 affiliates of all kinds.

  • Hyundai Insurance

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    Hyundai Insurance (China) Company Limited, a technology-based insurance company that specializes in property insurance, was established in March 2007 and is headquartered in Beijing.

  • Bybo Dental

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    Bybo Dental is a nationwide, large-scale dental medical group.

  • Raycom Property and Raycom Technology

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    Raycom Property and Raycom Technology’s main operation and management projects are Raycom Info Tech Park Tower ABC in Zhongguancun, with the market value of assets under management exceeding 12 billion.

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